About the documentarian -

 My name is Bonita but most call me Bo!

I was born and raised in the small fishing town of Gloucester, MA but currently reside in Salem, MA. I grew up barefoot and had the beach as my literal back yard, always playing mermaids and chasing seagulls, freckled and smelling of Ocean and sunscreen which is how I remain May through September. Once October hits I am a cozy connoisseur house witch that watches Practical Magic an unhealthy amount of times and has too many pumpkins on her front stoop. I simply call it balance. 

The smell of fresh laundry and rain on pavement would be my candle scent of choice. In my free time I enjoy snuggling with my dog (Georgia) & cat (Remi), watching movies, working in my yard and garden, listening to music, scrolling and pinning on Pinterest, browsing second hand and thrift stores, going on bike rides and adventures with my husband, going on rainy day forest hikes with my dog and designing and decorating spaces/ creating art of any kind. I love to travel and will do so any chance I get. I went to art school after graduating high school and studied science and design. 

I am a new mom to my baby son, Cove. He is the love of my life and I am enjoying navigating mother hood and all it entails. If you bring him up you will see me light up to the fullest extent.

I chase the sun but I dance and come alive under the moon. I love to laugh and you will hear me doing so 99.9% of the time.

This isn't only a job for me but a way of life, I enjoy every second and I can promise during our time of making magic together we will become the best of friends. I lost my father in 2013 and soon after I started Professional photography in hopes of capturing the most precious memories as keepsakes, because one photo can speak a thousand words and keep memories alive forever. The Alchemy Co. is a place where no dream is a silly one and we stop at nothing to make them happen for you. Reach out today to talk some more, let's make your dreams a reality. Let's take off our shoes, roll up our sleeves and get lost in adventure while laughing all along the way.